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Briana Corr Scott

Paper Doll Kit: Wildflower

Paper Doll Kit: Wildflower

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A new paper doll kit inspired by Briana Corr Scott’s latest picture book. Wildflower comes with a swallow friend, two pages of clothes and a mermaid tail. Wildflower is an articulated paper doll; she comes with instructions (in both French and English!), sparkles, and paper fasteners.

This paper doll kit is inspired by classic vintage cutouts, all you need is a pair of scissors and some imagination. All the patterns that appear on the clothes are designed by the artist. Instead of a plastic cello sleeve, this kit comes in a printed envelope; now you can store your paper doll pieces in this beautiful packaging.

Because of the small paper fasteners and the nature of this activity, this kit is recommend for children 6 years old and up. Adult assistance may be required.

Briana Corr Scott is an artist from Nova Scotia, Canada. She tells stories about the beauty of the natural world in her botanical themed prints, stationary and paper doll kits. Briana's art is inspired by all the tangled weeds, moths, and wild things she finds on her daily walks on the Atlantic coast. All of her art is painted from life; she holds real flowers in her hands and recreates the beauty as repeating patterns for stationary, and compositions for prints. Briana's products are designed, created and packaged by her; All of the printing is done at an award winning eco minded print shop in Nova Scotia.


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